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Call us on 021-4478350 or see us in 3 Plein st. for a coffee to arrange your package.

Once we receive payment, pls. send your computer name or the MAC adress of your computer to sales@woodstockwifi.co.za
We will connect you within minutes. Please read this notice about bandwidth costs.
Find below our pricelist:
Home packages: Uncapped, symetric, shaped for one household only
Premium Home packages: Uncapped, symetric, unshaped, with 100% overboost for 10 seconds for high volume users and communes
Business packages: Uncapped, symetric, unshaped, with public IP, extended FUP and SLA
Unshaped @ 50MB/s
Terms and conditions apply. Malicious & excessive abuse of uncapped bandwidth will lead to disconnection.
all prices & 15% VAT

Our wireless access points are in Church Square and Plein street


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